Sharking around

Last year we ventured out to the film site of Air Jaws. A BBC documentary focusing on the Great White Shark in False Bay, Cape Town. This is not too far from our usual tourist run and naturally we were curious to see more about the famous island. Well we did! and it was awesome, so good no-one took pictures for fear of missing the ‘real deal’.

It’s a year later and we are planning to head back to experience the feeding frenzy that is well captured by the professionals on film and DVD for your viewing pleasure. However, there is something about being there in real life that is magical. Maybe its the rocking of the boat, the smell of the fresh sea air or seals themselves. Then of course there the really quick strikes followed by a tiny adrenaline rush.

Since I am feeling the urge to get to Seal Island again to view the Great White shark feeding habits, I have been scrolling through some interesting online stories. Wired magazine featured an innovative online education and innovation program to protect the sea and its top predators (SharkTagYourIt). I thought I would share it as it speaks to both the environmentally minded as well as the social entrepreneur.

Enjoy the sites and I will posts some pics as soon as we head out next.