It’s video time

Thought I would share this with you…

..from Germany!
If you’re asking yourself: nope, we didn’t meet in person somewhere on a trip, but my dad did on V-day. He was down at Hout Bay sent there by a firm …… and everybody was asked to better leave their cams and stuff like that outside the boat in case it’s getting a little wet 🙂 So there aren’t any nice photos of this trip now, alas. However dad saw you and your lady (so he guessed ;D) taking some pics with your ipod asking where you’d upload them- he was the grey-haired one, blue eyes and a beard (probably) speaking english in a funny way…
Unfortunately he does neither own a facebook nor blogspot account and asked me to contact you.
We’d be so thankful, if you could arrange to upload some more photos of this trip on your blogspot or even contact him directly via email! –>

So here is a video and more to come once they have been properly edited.