It only just begun…

You’ve seen the work in progress…which was ZANGETSU in the making. Now I’m pleased to say that the newest member to the CONQUEST CHARTERS group is complete. After a frantic dash to get all the safety equipment and legalities sorted we headed off to SAMSA for ZANGETSU first of many safety surveys. Following a full safety inspection we were given out operating number of DTC 8135B, which we proudly had sign-written on pontoon to give ZANGETSU the business look.

The next day we rushed off to Hout Bay (not too far from Cape Town) for the first of many Adventure rides that day. Our target being a 30min round trip to Duiker Island (also known as Seal Island), Chapmans Peak which included a few minutes of speed and high speed turns just off the beach in Hout Bay.

I’m pleased to say it was AWESOME. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Having tested a range of different sea conditions that week, ZANGETSU is living up to its name of being able to slice through the waves like a hot knife through butter.

Enjoy some of the photos of the trip and a Cape Fur Seal cleaning up after a fishy meal.

You can expect the next update from the CADIZ VISTA NOVA ROBBEN ISLAND swim.