End of Summer

Once again UCT exchange students joined us for a mid-semester team building excursion. Last year, we took them from HoutBay, however this year we left

from the Oceana Power Boat Club on the Atlantic seaboard. This route includes highlights such as vistas of the beautiful Table Mountain and the marvellous new Cape Town Stadium. Next we pass the Green Point lighthouse (built in 1824) and the very public Sea Point promenade on our way to beaches of Camps Bay and Clifton.

Recently, the oceans have been rather full of sea life and we were lucky to have encountered a large sunfish, many basking seals and some playful dusky dolphins enjoying the boats wake. The dolphins have a way of letting you know if you boat if fun to ‘play with’ and do so by staying around for a while before leaving you wanting more. The feeling Enjoy the pictures.


Italian Stowaway


the packs

The Stadium

View from the front

Coming soon a video of the dolphins, stay tuned for more Conquest Adventures