Bloggers, reviews and boating adventures

Conquest Charters has provided many tourists with amazing memories and pictures of the ocean lifestyle by boating in Cape Town, South Africa. Sadly, the pictures taken and shared with friends are something we seldom get to see.

However, on a recent trip we shared this experience with some local travel bloggers of The Travel Manuel. By blogging about their experience with us, we read a first-hand account of the unpredictable but amazingly enticing feeling of adventure when on the ocean.

Of course we can never order the perfect weather, but the fact that Zangetsu is capable of just about anything, instills a sense of invincibility to the people on board who always end up enjoying the ride or should I say adventure.

Find the great blog post “power-boating-along-the-atlantic-seaboard” with some equally great photos here:


Picture taken with a GoPro