Winter won’t stop us!!

June in South Africa signals the arrival of the winter season and is usually accompanied by the cold and the rain, many reasons to stay indoors. However , there are many beautiful days that nestle in between the cold fronts that make their way with ferocity over the Peninsula and the beauty of the Cape tends to shines through on these rare days.

A winters day boat trip to Cape Point on one of those rare days provides a special feeling to those aboard. Their knowing that the sea can be a mean beast, yet the safety of the boat instills a sense of calm and allows them to relax and just enjoy the ride. A Marine Scene tour saw a large group of French tourists require the services of Zangetsu. With no time restrictions and a large swell (to make the journey more enjoyable) we set off for Cape Point at a leisurely pace. The ride was exciting and the group was eager, despite an earlier request  to keep it slow. The waves tend to get a bit bigger as we approach Cape Point and the anticipation clearly rises the closer we get. After a few pictures and some historical stories we set back along the coastline to Millers Point.

At the end of the day another happy group that enjoyed the Cape Point experience by sea.

All smiles after a fun trip

But first, we wait for the French to arrive