Winter in the Cape

Well winter has set in to Cape Town and our main charter runs come to end. However if you are keen for diving, now is the best time to get out to False Bay and see some of the awesome wrecks and reefs that can be found along the coast.

As with most seasonal businesses this time spells the maintenance period that the vehicles so desperately crave. “Orlando” the mighty Landcruiser has been responsible for towing Conquest, and now Zangetsu, around the Cape Peninsula. Not fast and not the most luxurious but still reliable and enjoyable to ride. Some pictures include an unforgettable trip up the West Coast and an ill fated sampling trip (alone I might add).
Also featured is another tow vehicle that we hope will live up to the Landcruiser’s strength (feel free to comment on your vehicular affiliation).
(land rover pic coming soon…sorry)
Well guess I best get back to fixing the wear and tear that is becoming evident from a life close to the sea.