Sunset or Sunrise?

It is an amazing thing to watch the sun set across the vast Atlantic Ocean. And I am sure you have your favourite place in Cape Town to do just that where you can enjoy the colours that go so well with the surroundings. I recently enjoyed one from the top of Kloof Nek Road overlooking Camps Bay.
(Picture taken from Kloof Nek)
(The colours seen from home)

But putting the land lubber in me aside, to see the sun rise above the Hottentots Holland mountains aboard a boat is truly another thing altogether. Unfortunately for this experience to come true you have to be at sea 530am. It’s early, I know, but a cool experience as you ride from Table Bay to Hout Bay in the calm of the morning. The early activity of the birds and seals is always a treat.
Enjoy some of the early morning photographs and my favourite, Lions Head shielding the sun from view…for just a bit.

(Lions Head Sun Rise)
(Making the most of great morning…coffee in Hout Bay next)