Discovery Shark Week

For those of you who are know me and are familiar with the business, will know that during the winter time in Cape Town I often talk about going to sea. Now Some people might think this is crazy, but it is during this time that the Great White Shark population in False Bay concentrates its feeding habits to a smaller area around Seal Island. This Island is situated not too far from the mainland and harbors, so access is not too difficult for those who brave enough to dare.

The sharks found here have overcome their camera shyness and can be found on numerous documentary reels and the odd facebook album of cage diving adventure seekers. Despite the experience being surreal, adrenaline rushing and completely mind blowing, there are many important conservation lessons that are learnt and can be drawn from, being there in person and watching on TV.

Some of these conservation messages are brought home during the Discovery Channel SHARK WEEK. The sharks are meant to be admired, provide inspiration and feared as a natural predator of the sea. I will attempt to update the blog once a week recording the awesome events (most not my own material) regarding the fascinating world of sharks in oceans.

We begin this homage with something seen on our last trip but not captured on film. Thanks to Chris Fallows and his team these videos are available on the net to be shared and admired.