Ashe’s no good

The effects of the volcanic eruptions in Iceland have finally filtered down to Conquest Charters in the Cape Town.

We recently received these two emails regarding future bookings:

Mail 1:

Hi ghgjje,

Our client kjhjkhkre, from Switzerland has cancelled its conference on Tuesday due to the volcanic eruption and fallout.

ALL delegates are stranded in Europe and can’t get on to flights.

This is out of anyone’s control and they are extremely stressed and disappointed due to this crisis.

Please relay to the other company that we need to cancel all reservations.

They have the conference once a year, so they won’t be able to reschedule for anytime soon

They have however, guaranteed to come back next year and do these activities.

Kindly reply should you have any questions

Mail 2:


Unfortunately due to the volcanic ash scenario in Europe at the moment, Thursdays charter is postponed until later in the year because the clients are stuck in the UK!!

Many thanks

We are but one company that has only recently been affected and I wonder how the rest of the world is dealing this. Especially those cannot afford to so.