2011 Freedom Swim

2011 was the 10th time the Freedom Swim was officially held. Starting at Robben Island and ending at Big Bay the swim distance is an impressive 7.5km of cold water swimming. This is the forth or fifth time we have taken part in the swim accompanying various swimmers across the channel. Including Natalie Du Toit on our older boat and more recently Luke – our resident swimmer.

Unfortunately the weather was not accommodating and infamous South Easter wind kept the sea swell too big to swim. The swim did not take place from the Island but rather from an altered route from Big Bay (see www.cadiz.co.za for more details). I have uploaded a video and you can see why it was unsafe to swim  in these conditions.

Freedom Swim Condition Highlights

Having said that, Zangetsu handled the sea conditions with ease although the skipper had to keep alert as visibility was not exactly 100%.  To all swimmers, hopefully next year will be better.and this was definitely the worst conditions I have seen in which a swim was potentially going to happen.

The Go team supporting our swimmer